The PsyBorgs Lab

Current members

Photo of Christopher Green
Christopher Green

I am a professor of Psychology and Science Studies at York University. My graduate training was in computational cognitive science and the bulk of my research has been concerned with the history of American psychology at the turn of the 20th century.

Photo of Michael Pettit
Michael Pettit

I am an associate professor of Psychology and Science & Technology Studies at York University. My historical research focuses on psychology as a public science and the discipline’s relationship with others fields as such medicine, sexology, and the other human sciences.

Photo of Jeremy Burman
Jeremy Burman

I am a "collaborateur d'enseignement et de recherche" in the Faculty of Psychology and the Sciences of Education at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland, where I work in the Jean Piaget Archives. My research relates primarily to "Piaget's new theory," but I am interested more generally in how scientific meaning is communicated—especially in translation—and often use digital tools to engage related questions.

Photo of Arlie Belliveau
Arlie Belliveau

I'm a PhD candidate studying technologies of knowledge exchange innovated by early Industrial Organizational Psychology and Scientific Management communities, psychologist-produced 16mm educational and research films, and methods of digital history using R.

Photo of Eric Oosenbrug
Eric Oosenbrug

I am a PhD candidate examining the history of behavioural approaches to medicine in postwar United States and Canada. I use digital methods such as networks, geospatial data, and text analysis to analyze social health movements and patient communities.

Photo of Shayna Fox Lee
Shayna Fox Lee

I am a PhD candidate looking at a series of professional autobiographies as a form of commemorative historiography in 20th century Western Psychology. My work constructs a digital prosopography of the series' authors with a theoretical focus on reflexivity.

Photo of Ian James Davidson
Ian James Davidson

I am a PhD candidate exploring the history and metatheory of personality psychology, psychometrics, and mental testing. I also have interest in the sociology of scientific knowledge, the public understanding of science, economic theory, popular culture, and the history of film.

Photo of Shane Martin
Shane Martin

I graduated in 2015 with a BA (Specialized Honours) in Psychology, and am working as the PsyBorgs Lab's software and technology consultant. Apart from the history of psychology, my psychological interests include meta-cognition, social cognitive disorders, learning disabilities (esp. ADHD), moral development, as well as trauma and bereavement.

Photo of Crystal Heidari
Crystal Heidari

I'm a third year honours psychology student working on an independent study focusing on communities in the history of psychology and social network analyses. In the future I'd like to look into the relationship between psychology and the legal profession.

Photo of Nataly Beribisky
Nataly Beribisky

I am an undergraduate psychology student, interested in the conceptual definitions that drive methodology in psychological research throughout history. I am also interested in Industrial Organizational psychology, especially in the application of research techniques in a business environment.

Past members

Photo of Jacy L. Young
Jacy L. Young

I am an SSHRC post-doctoral student interested in using digital methods to explore late-nineteenth and early twentieth century American psychology. More broadly, my research looks at the history of research methods in psychology.

Photo of Daniel Lahham
Daniel Lahham

I am a Master's student interested in early twentieth century applied psychology and am currently pursuing a project tracking the development of an applied dialect. I am also interested in using social networks to track the subject species in psychology and biology.